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    Sunless Tanning With Sun Laboratoriess Self Tanner

    Details About Sunless Tanning And How Is It Performed

    With the advancement in technology, acquiring a tan has been made possible without sitting for long hours in sun. Sunless tanning scores on the safety front as well as the risk of skin cancer is removed completely in this process. Applying a sunless tan without the painfully long wait under the sun is extremely easy. All that needs to be done is to buy a good lotion, spray or gel from market and apply it on the skin for the best sunless tanning result.[V:4]

    The body tends to absorb these sunless tanning products in a short period of time. However, it is quite possible that skin at a certain body parts absorbs them at different rates. It may absorb it at faster at feet than that at other parts of the body. To avoid any untoward incident, the instructions regarding their usage need to be understood completely. The useful information about the same is presented here.

    The major component in most of the gels, sprays and lotions used for sunless tanning is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Plants are the major sources of this compound which can result in certain reactions that cause darkening of skin. Depending on the skin type of the individual using them, the darkening effect can stay for around six to eight days.[I:1:J]

    To achieve longer life of the tan, DHA is mixed with erythrulose, another bio-chemical. Their effect develops over few days, but stays for a long time. This time period is much longer as compared to that obtained by products based on DHA alone. Hence, the products that are based on combination of these two remain much popular than the other ones.

    It is advised by most experts that one should test these products on a small patch of skin to begin with. In case these are allergic to the skin, one may come to know about the same much before serious damage takes place. Consulting an expert physician before starting their usage is always a good option. If the product is found to be non allergic, it can be readily applied on skin. A sunless tanning spray is much easier to use and can be used with little external help.

    Smart facilities are available at high tech spas for getting tanned. The kits available with them are highly efficient in applying a uniform tan all over the body. These spas comply with FDA guidelines as well. If required, one may check out with them about the procedure by which the guidelines are met.

    To get a tan instantaneously, one may consider temporary bronzers. The dark tan obtained with these is pretty impressive. However, it must be prevented from getting in contact with water or else, it may get ruined.

    It can also get ruined by skin-hugging clothes and hence, combining these two needs to be avoided. Moisturizers with tanning agents can be used for getting a tan gradually.

    One may go for any one of the numerous sunless tanning methods that are available. It has to be noted that water and tanning products are not good bedfellows. Hence, their contact should be avoided at all costs to maintain the sunless tan.

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